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    Conroy Care Kit


    Ready solution for quick disinfection of surfaces of medical equipment.

    Broad fungicidal and bactericidal effect on:

    • Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria
    • Viruses
    • Fungi
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    Ready solution for quick disinfection of surfaces and medical equipment

    This disinfectant is a ready solution for quick disinfection of surfaces of medical equipment, such as Conroy Qseal blood bag tube sealers.

    The Conroy Care Kit has a broad fungicidal and bactericidal effect, destroying a wide range of bacteria, such as:

    • Gram-positive and
    • Gram-negative bacteria (incl. Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mycobakterium terrae, Enterococcus hirae),
    • deactivate viruses (incl. HBV, HIV, HCV, BVDV, Vaccinia, Herpes Simplex, Adeno, Rota) and
    • fungi (incl. Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger).

    The Conroy Care Kit also has long lasting disinfectant effect on porous and non-porous Surfaces (24h, 35C ̊).

    Usage of the Conroy Care Kit

    Apply product on the surfaces of medical devices and after the time of effect wipe if necessary. The surfaces must be completely covered with the substance.

    Time of effect is 30 seconds. Disinfection of surfaces must take place regularly.


    Contains Ethanol and Quaternary Ammonium Compounds pH 6.5–7.5


    EN 1040, EN 1275, EN 13624, EN 13697, EN 14348, EN 13727, ISO 22196, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, CE-2007/47/EC


    Nordic BioTech Group Ltd
    Aleksanterinkatu 15B
    FI-00100 Helsinki

    What is the lifetime of a sealer?

    Officially 7 years, but it’s depending on use and maintenance. There are still units in the field from the 1990’s.

    Do you have sealers for EVA-tubes?

    Yes, and we´ll be happy to help you choose the right Qseal® sealers for EVA-tubes. The abbreviation stands for Flexible Ethyl Acetate plastic tubing, which is an excellent alternative to vinyl tubing in surgical and pharmaceutical applications.

    Where is your manufacturing?

    We manufacture at our facility in Upplands Väsby, Sweden. Our tube sealers have been made in Sweden since 1988.

    Do you sell direct?

    We have distributors with local knowledge for each market. Visit our distributor page for more information.

    What is the sealing method?

    Radio Frequency (RF)-technology. It’s a heat sealing process that uses electromagnetic energy to fuse materials together. The result is an accurate, sterile and safe sealing of the medical tubes.

    Do you have ISO-certification?

    Yes, we are ISO 13485-certified. This standard contains comprehensive frameworks for manufacturers of medical devices to ensure safe and reliable high quality products.

    Do you have sterile docking equipment?

    No. Unfortunately we do not provide sterile docking equipment.

    Do you have spare parts for old Baxter/Fenwal devices?

    Yes, we provide for example the original spare parts for Hematron III, Optiseal and Handyseal. Contact us and we’ll help you pick out the spare parts according to your needs.

    Do you service sealers?

    Yes, we can perform service and preventive maintenance in our workshop. Contact us for more information.

    Do you have FDA approval?

    Our products are 510(k) exempt, we are registered with FDA as an establishment.

    Are your products CE-marked?

    Yes, we take safety requirements very seriously. The CE conformity mark is a guarantee that our products have been assessed in accordance with the appropriate safety procedures.

    Our products

    Our instruments stand for quality, safety and ease of use. Our Qseal models cover the sealing needs from heavy duty laboratory use to mobile use.

    Conroy Care Kit provides quick disinfection of the medical tube sealers surface

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