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    Robust, mains connected, high quality unit. Fit for the toughest environments.

    Qseal-extra; an robust, mains connected, tube sealer for operation in tough Environments.

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    Qseal®-power – Next generation of blood bag tube sealers

    Conroy presents our next generation of blood bag tube sealers, with extra powerful benefits and safety. The Qseal®-power is an extra robust, mains connected tube sealer for PVC tubing. This reliable, high quality unit ensures quality sealing operations even in the toughest working environments.

    The Qseal®-power blood bag tube sealer is perfect for donation sites and laboratories amongst other places where you normally have heavy duty operations and a high workflow.

    A user-friendly blood bag tube sealer

    Qseal®-power has a whole new type of cable that will withstand rough handling without limiting your flexibility, as well as a smooth and user-friendly handle.

    The sealer’s robust, watertight construction allows you to clean the cable by rinsing under water. For extra safety, a handle top will protect against damage in case of accidental drop, and a transparent splash guard provides additional user safety.

    Perfect sealing every time

    The Qseal®-power sealer is equipped with an intelligent sensing system that will automatically adjust to tubing size and thereby provide a perfect result every time. This RF welding machine is also certified to be used when the donor is still connected to the tubing.


    • The Qseal-power has a protected sealing area and splash guard.
    • Can be used when the donor is connected to the tubing.

    High Quality

    • Robust construction.
    • Automatically adapts sealing time.

    Easy to use

    • Automatic sealing process.
    • Can be rinsed under water for cleaning.

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    What is the difference between Qseal-extra and Qseal-power?

    Qseal-extra is battery operated and Qseal-power is mains operated.

    What tubes can the Qseal-power blood bag tube sealer seal?

    The Qseal-power blood bag sealer can seal PVC tubes up to 6,2 mm in diameter.