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    Bench top sealer for heavy-duty use. Consistent high quality sealing. Excellent performance.

    • Safe
    • High Quality
    • Easy to use
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    A stable table top tube sealer for heavy-duty use

    Qseal®-opti is a benchtop blood bag tube sealer that provides consistent high quality seals even during heavy-duty use. This is the case with the table top tube sealer whether you are making segments or single seals. The stable blood transfusion equipment sits firmly on the bench and is shockproof.

    PVC tube sealer

    The Qseal®-opti blood bag tube sealer provides gentle tubing handling and automatic adjustment to tubing size. The sophisticated sensing system, both concerning tubing handling and sealing time, provides excellent flexibility for a blood bank or a laboratory. An optional splash guard is provided for your safety and protection.

    Qseal®-opti – a complete sealing system which includes:

    • a main unit
    • a power cord
    • the operator’s manual.


    • The Qseal-opti has a protected sealing area.
    • Can be used when the donor is connected to the tubing.

    High Quality

    • Sophisticated sensing system.
    • Automatically adapts sealing time.
    • Adjustable tear force.

    Easy to use

    • Automatic sealing process.
    • LED lights for visual process control.
    • Easy to clean.

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    What in the Qseal-opti triggers the seal?

    A trigger arm initiates the sealing.

    How many seals per hour can it do?

    The Qseal-opti blood bag tube sealer can do 1000 seals per hour.

    What tubes can Qseal-opti seal?

    Conroys Qseal-opti can seal PVC tubes up to 6,2 mm in diameter.

    Can the head of the QSeal-opti blood bag tube sealer be removed for cleaning?

    Yes, both the front and head are easily removable.

    Is this blood bag tube sealer similar to Optiseal?

    Yes, it’s the same unit with Conroys own branding.