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    Automatic and cordless tube stripper.
    Long battery life.

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    Tubestrip – blood bag tube stripper 

    What if you can take something as simple an analogue as a blood bag tube stripper and bring it to the future – and back to our present time?

    The product developers at Conroy Medical did something similar, and the world got Tubestrip -our fully automatic and cordless tube stripper. The advantages include:

    • Long battery life
    • Easy to use
    • Ergonomic
    • Safe

    Tubestrip tube stripper 

    Tubestrip is our highly effective non-destructive technique to sample and/or to perform quality control of blood bags, by milling/stripping the tube of its content. The Tubestrip can be used for cross-matching red blood cell-concentrates with patients. The segment of the blood bag should then represent the overall content of the bag.

    Tubestrip is safe to use – it stops automatically when blocked or when the blood bag is detected.

    Tubestrip offers improved safety and ergonomics 

    When making tube segments using a tube stripper, it is important that the tube is not damaged in any way, and also that the hemolysis levels in the remaining RBC component are well below the guidelines of what is acceptable.

    Tests concludes in other words that the automatic tube stripper Tubestrip is not causing more hemolysis, than a manual tube stripper does.

    The fully automatic system makes it easy to use as well as user friendly. Even the user that have never performed the tube stripping procedure of blood bags before, will be able to use the Tubestrip – with an accurate result. The process is standardized and offers a satisfactory outcome every time.

    The automatic Tubestrip offers many advantages: 

    • The Tubestrip is an automatic device, which means it does not require an experienced user to perform the stripping procedure, which is the case with manual tube stripping.
    • To operate the Tubestrip does not imply repetitive work, like operating a manual tube stripper does.
    • Tubestrip provides better ergonomics for the user and thereby contributes to a better work environment.

    How long does the battery last?

    You can strip 40 cm tubing about 700 times per battery charge.

    Does the Qstrip stop its procedure automatically?

    Yes, when resistance or a block (a bag for example) is detected, the unit will stop automatically.

    How long is the cable?

    The Qstrip is not equipped with a cable, the device is cordless

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