RF sealers for blood & plasma

Qseal® is our brand of blood bag tube sealers of the highest quality for medical use in blood and plasma transfusions. Our sealers can be found worldwide in:

  • blood banks
  • plasma centers
  • hospitals
  • transfusion laboratories.

Accurate and reliable seals in blood component handling are vital both for the patients’ and the medical staff’s safety. Our RF tube sealers are the result of our innovative devotion for the medical field.

Blood transfusion equipment

Tube sealers with RF heat sealing

Conroy offer Qseal® tube sealers with functions adapted to:

  • mobile workplaces
  • benchtop-use
  • tougher working environments
  • both multi and single use.

Proud supplier to the Top Hospitals in the world

Conroy is a proud supplier of medical equipment to the top hospitals of the world. You can read all about those hospitals and their work in this Newsweek article.

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RF heat sealing machine

The core mechanism behind Qseal® sealers is developed in Sweden using RF-technology. The RF heat sealing machine produces an accurate, sterile and safe sealing of medical tubes – every time. Medical RF welding is perfectly safe and secure for everyone involved in the process.

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