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    Benchtop tube sealer with compact and lightweight design.

    Whether you operate a small blood bank or a large transfusion laboratory, the Qseal®-multi is the ideal benchtop tube sealer to streamline your blood bag processing workflow. Its compact and lightweight design allows for seamless integration into any laboratory setting, while its versatile functionality caters to both single-use and multi-use applications.

    The Qseal-multi is a small diameter tube sealing that is:

    • Flexible
    • High Quality
    • Easy to use
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    Qseal®-multi – A Tube Sealer That Connects Up to 8 Units

    The Qseal®-multi is a flexible benchtop blood bag tube sealer for both single and multi use. With the multi setup, you can connect up to 8 sealing units operating as segment sealers. The segment length can be customized in centimeter increments to fit your standard. The multi tube sealer will automatically adapt to a proper sealing time, depending on the sizes and materials in the tubing/s being used.

    Small Diameter Tube Sealing For Single or Multi Use

    This flexible and high capacity multi tube sealer leaves minimal footprints due to its small size and weight. Its low height makes it stable even during single use.

    Both for single and for multi use, you have the opportunity to use both PVC and EVA tubing, as a sophisticated sensing system in the Qseal®-multi RF welding machine, it automatically adjusts to the tubing size.

    For your information and safety; the RF welding machine also has a LED display and splash guard.

    Qseal®-multi – A Complete Sealing System

    The Qseal®-multi is a complete sealing system that includes everything you need to seal blood bags efficiently and safely:

    • Main unit: The heart of the Qseal®-multi, housing the RF welding technology and all control functions
    • Power cord: Provides the necessary power to operate the sealer
    • Rail segment: A sturdy and stable platform for securing blood bags during the sealing process
    • Operator’s manual: Provides detailed instructions for using the sealer safely and effectively

    Effortless Integration

    The Qseal®-multi’s compact and ergonomic design allows for effortless integration into any laboratory environment. Its small footprint minimizes the need for dedicated workspace, and its low height ensures stability and accessibility for both seated and standing users.

    Get In Touch With Us About Our Qseal®-multi Sealer

    Conroy Medical is committed to providing healthcare facilities with innovative and reliable blood bag tube sealers that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. The Qseal®-multi exemplifies our dedication to excellence, offering a versatile, efficient, and user-friendly solution for your sealing needs.

    Contact us today to learn more about the Qseal®-multi and how it can transform your blood bag sealing operations.


    • The Qseal-multi is for both single or multi use.
    • Up to 8 units can be connected.
    • PVC and EVA tubing

    High Quality

    • Sophisticated sensing system
    • Automatically adapts sealing time.
    • Simultaneous sealing

    Easy to use

    • Automatic sealing process.
    • LED lights for visual process control.
    • Easy to clean.

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    Can I program them in my center?

    Yes, the assignment of master and slave units are easily done by the user of the Qseal-multi sealer.

    How many sealers can you connect to the Qseal-multi sealer for segmented use?

    You can connect up to 8 units.

    What tubes can the Qseal-multi blood bag tube sealer seal?

    Qseal-multi can seal PVC tubes up to 6,2 mm in diameter.

    How do you standardize the segments?

    We provide a rail that allows positioning per cm.

    How do you link the units connected to Qseal-multi for segmented use?

    They communicate via Bluetooth.

    What triggers the seal?

    The Qseal-multi has an optical sensor next to the electrode, that triggers the seal when the tube is correctly positioned.