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    Fully automatic and portable system for sealing. Consistent high quality.

    • Portable
    • High Quality
    • Easy to use
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    Battery operated for full mobility

    This blood bag tube sealer has all the benefits from Qseal-air – for example both Qseal auto and Qseal air are ergonomic devices that are certified to be used when the donor is still connected to the tubing – but Qseal auto also battery operated!

    You will have the flexibility and mobility that is needed for mobile settings. The Qseal auto blood bag sealer is also ideal for bedside operation in mobile settings with donors or patients.

    Ergonomic and mobile blood bag tube sealer

    The narrow ergonomic handle allows easy reach and access weather you are operating manual donations, automatic processes or apheresis procedures. The fully automatic system for sealing starts with only the press of a button. You have the flexibility to use different kinds of tubing as a sophisticated sensing system in the Qseal auto RF welding machine will automatically adjust to the tubing size.

    Qseal-auto is a a complete sealing system which includes:

    • Main unit
    • Hand Unit
    • Coaxial cable
    • Battery charger and the
    • Operator’s manual.


    • The Qseal-auto has a protected sealing area.
    • Can be used when the donor is connected to the tubing.

    High Quality

    • Sophisticated sensing system.
    • Automatically adapts sealing time.

    Easy to use

    • Automatic sealing process.
    • No hand power needed.
    • Sealing starts with the press of button.

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    What tubes can Qseal-auto seal?

    The Qseal-auto can seal PVC tubes up to 6,2 mm in diameter.

    What type of battery is used in the Qseal-auto mobile blood bag tube sealer?

    NiMH. (The battery is currently not classified as dangerous goods when shipping.)

    How long time does it take to charge the battery for the mobile sealer?

    A full charge of Qseal-autos battery will take 2-3 hours.

    How many seals can Qseal auto do per battery charge?

    The Qseal-auto can do 1500 seals per battery charge.

    Is the Qseal-auto sealer similar to Autoseal?

    Yes, the sealer is the same unit with our own branding.

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    The Qseal-auto – the ergonomic and battery operated mobile blood bag tube sealer

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