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Battery-operated portable tube sealer.
Compact and light.

  • Safe
  • High Quality
  • Easy to use
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Mobile and lightweight blood bag tube sealer

Qseal handy is a portable, battery operated blood bag tube sealer that is ideal for mobile settings. Even if the mobile sealer is lightweight, it has high capacity and a battery that charges fast. With this mobile sealer you will always be ready to make high quality seals on different kinds of tubing, and always with a fast sealing process.

Ergonomic mobile sealer

The RF welding machines intelligent sensing system will automatically adjust to tubing size and provide a perfect result every time. This high quality equipment has been awarded for its design and for the mobile sealer being ergonomic to use.

Qseal-handy; a complete sealing system, which includes:

  • Battery unit
  • Hand Unit
  • Battery charger and the
  • Operator’s manual.


  • The Qseal-handy has a protected sealing area.
  • Can be used when the donor is connected to the tubing.

High quality

  • Automatically adapts to tubing size.
  • Fast sealing time.
  • High capacity per battery charge.

Easy to use

  • Automatic sealing process.
  • Portable.
  • Short time to recharge.
  • Easy to clean.

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Is the Qseal-handy mobile sealer available in my region?

We don’t offer this on all markets. Please check with your local Conroy supplier.

How many seals can you do per battery charge?

The Qseal-handy blood bag tube sealer can do 1500 seals per charges.

How long time does it take to charge the Qseal-handy mobile sealers battery?

It takes 2-3 hours for a full charge.

What type of battery is used in the Qseal-handy?

Lithium Ion

What tubes can it seal?

The Qseal-handy blood bag tube sealer can seal PVC tubes up to 6,2 mm in diameter.

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