ACME Medical Incorporation – our medical device distributor in South Korea

ACME Medical Incorporation is our medical device distributor in South Korea. The company was established in 1978 with the mission of supplying qualified medical products to Korean hospitals and blood banks.

The company’s strong focus on supplying healthcare institutions with the highest quality products, and their extensive knowledge makes them an excellent partner to Conroy Medical.

The company is specialized in the areas of:

  • blood processing systems
  • blood and fluid warmers
  • autologous blood transfusion
  • non-invasive liver diagnosis

ACME Medical Inc. is the market leader of blood recovery systems in the operation  & emergency room, as well as with the blood processing systems in blood banks/hematology/oncology. The company is currently expanding the business in new areas such as cell & gene-therapy, and the delivery & formulation of nanomedicine.

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