Impressions from The congress of the French Society of blood transfusion

RF welding equipment
December 3, 2021

SHMC participated on the congress of the French Society of Blood Transfusion, which took place in november 24 to 26, 2021 in Marseille.

It was the 30th edition of the congress and an important event for Conroy Medical, with the opportunity to give and receive information, education and to meet around the latest topics of the French transfusion specialty once again. It was an occasion to strengthen relations with both partners and users.


Positive feedback from users 


During the congress, SHMC were happy to get the chance to meet with professionals to give them the latest update on Conroy Products. Many existing users also visited and had positive feedback to share.

Nicklas Lundman, CEO at Conroy Medical says the congress was successful.

–   Many Belgian, French and Swiss professionals came to SHMC’s stand and were enthusiastic about the blood bag tube sealers. Qseal-free and Qseal-multi got most attention, but also the new tube stripper Tubestrip

Tubestrip is the latest edition of Conroy Medical’s range of medical products. The effective technology is an automatic and cordless tube stripper, used to sample and perform quality controls of blood bags.