SHCM Medical Techonology – our distributor in Belgium

SHMC Medical Technologies is Conroy´s medical device distributor in Belgium. The company was founded in 2012 by Serge Hugard and Caroline Thuysbaert. SHMC specializes in the distribution of medical equipment for hospitals, blood transfusion centres and pharmacies in the Brussels area.

The company operates in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and France, where they distribute products in areas such as:

  • agitators and incubators
  • medical refrigeration
  • transfusion equipment

Serge Hugards team consists of 5 employees in the headquarters in Louvain-la-Neuve. The employees are dedicated to working closely with suppliers and clients in order to deliver medical products of the highest quality possible. 

SHMC´s extensive medical knowledge, combined with their fast and personalised service makes them an excellent medical device distributor in Belgium. 

Read more about SHMC Medical Technologies on their website, or contact them directly at eb.cm1716783792hs@of1716783792ni1716783792.