We’re part of Tillväxt Väsby’s “30 days of growth”

Tillväxt Väsby's banner of "30 dagars tillväxt"
April 12, 2024

Almost two weeks ago, Tillväxt Väsby started the series “30 days of growth”, where they invest extra in supporting selected entrepreneurs in their growth journey together with partners, investors, and networks.

Today, on day 11 out of 30, it was time for us at Conroy Medica to be presented. While interviewing our CEO Nicklas Lundman, he announced our current goal which is that we’re targeting a 50% growth in the next three years. He also shared other areas of focus for us. To read what those focuses entail, visit Tillväxt Väsby’s LinkedIn here.


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The smiling CEO of Conroy Medical, Nicklas Lundman, is quoted saying that they are working towards a 50% growth in the next three years.