RF welding equipment

Conroy Medical´s equipment for the welding of blood bags are found all over the world in hospitals, blood banks, plasma centers and transfusion labs. As our main goal is customer satisfaction, you can be sure to get a high quality product when you invest in a Conroy Medical RF- product.

RF welding equipment

In our range of RF welding equipment, you find e.g: 

  • Qseal®-air Our fully automatic sealing system. Ideal for bedside use with donors and patients – and can be operated even when the donor is connected to the tubing!
  • Qseal®-auto  Portable system – with all the benefits from Qseal®-air but battery operated!
  • Qseal®-free  Our cordless and lightweight sealer – the freedom and flexibility is outstanding. No hand power is needed, just the press of a button.

RF welding equipment

RF welding equipment

What is RF welding? 

RF stands for Radio Frequency.

Tubes for blood bags are made of polymer plastic, which makes it ideal for the sealing process with radio frequency.

The process involves fusing materials together by applying radio frequency energy to the areas that is to be joined. The heating process occurs from the inside. RF welding is used in many industries to create uniquely shaped products. RF welding:

  • Creates airtight and waterproof seams
  • Makes it possible to weld the same area multiple times
  • Creates incredibly strong seams

Experts in welding equipment for blood bags 

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