Qseal Medical RF heat sealers

Medical heat sealer

Medical heat sealers are specialized machines used to create strong, sterile seals on various materials in healthcare settings. At Conroy Medical® we like to take that extra step in ensuring that each sealed medical tube is as accurate sterile and safe as possible. Through the use of radio frequency (RF) technology, which is a heat-sealing process that uses electromagnetic energy, the materials are fused securely together.

Qseal Medical RF heat sealers

The importance of medical heat sealers

Medical heat sealers are vital in maintaining the sterility of medical devices and instruments. By creating an airtight seal on pouches and packaging, they prevent contamination from microorganisms during storage, transport, and before use in settings such as:

  • Blood banks
  • Plasma centers
  • Hospitals
  • Tranfusion laboratories

Reputable manufacturers design their heat sealers to comply with international regulations like ISO 13485, which sets standards for packaging terminally sterilized medical products.

The function of a standard medical heat sealer

In a sterile environment, medical heat sealers create strong, secure seals on pouches and bags used for medical devices. The process begins by placing the materials between the sealer’s jaws.

Next, the heating element activates, using either electrical resistance or radio frequency (RF) waves. RF technology is preferred for its ability to deliver uniform heat throughout the material, guaranteeing consistent seal quality. Simultaneously, controlled pressure is applied via pneumatic or mechanical means, ensuring close contact between the plastic layers for a successful seal.

Finally, after a set time or reaching a specific temperature, the pressure released, and the sealed materials are ready for use.

The function of RF technology in medical heat sealers

Medical heat sealers that use RF technology, something that we at Conroy Medical® specialize in, have electrodes that clamp the tubing at the desired sealing points. It is then that the RF energy is applied through the electrodes which causes movement of the molecules in the tubing plastic, leading to friction.

The friction in this movement causes heat which melts the plastic in the pattern of the electrodes. The unique shape that this type of sealement causes allows separation by hand without any damage to the tube. The two separated sealing ends are then tight and safe for the continued process of the tubing.

RF technology – a user-friendly experience with maintained sterility

Medical heat sealers are more than just equipment; they are a cornerstone of infection prevention and control in healthcare. Their role in safeguarding patient and staff well-being is paramount, and continuous advancements in sealing technology promise even greater levels of efficiency and reliability in the future.

Advancements in medical heat sealing technology, like the RF technology employed by Conroy Medical®, offer additional benefits. Precise and uniform heating ensures consistent seal quality, minimizing the risk of leaks or breaches. Additionally, the ability to tailor RF seals for hand separation provides a user-friendly experience while maintaining sterility.

If you have any further questions about medical heat sealers, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help!

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