How does the blood bag tube sealer function?

The blood tube sealer is a compact equipment that seals the tube of the blood bag without causing haemolysis or leakage. The core mechanism behind our own brand of blood bag tube sealers, Qseal, is the RF-technology.

How does the RF-technology function?

Electrodes clamp the tubing at the desired sealing point, and RF energy is then applied through the electrodes. The RF causes movement of the molecules in the tubing plastic causing friction. The friction in this movement causes heat which melts the plastic in the pattern of the electrodes. The unique shape of the seal that is created by this allows separation by hand without breaking the tube. The two separated sealing ends are tight and safe for the continued process of the tubing.

Where are blood bag tube sealers usually used?

Tube sealers are used world-wide in

  • blood banks
  • plasma centers
  • hospitals
  • transfusion laboratories.

Qseal is of the highest quality for medical use in blood and plasma transfusions. See our supply of blood bag tube sealers here.